Your first choice in fine catering for high quality services

Based on experiences gained and “KOTTON lovers” feedback, KOTTON Premium Catering emerges to become one of Kuwait’s finest high-end catering services that excels in the art of hospitality and refined dining. Our pillars are built on our highly qualified and skilled team, 3 state of the art central kitchens, and the trust our customers put in us. We are determined to succeed in this highly competitive environ-ment and establish a new bench-mark in the food catering industry.
We seek to be the first choice in fine catering by providing high quality services
Following the prosperous establishment of Kotton Premium Catering within the market, the brand has seamlessly expanded its portfolio to include a highly convenient café concept. This new venture offers an array of freshly baked goods, delectable desserts, and an assortment of grab-and-go options, which encompass freshly crafted sandwiches, invigorating juices, and wholesome salads. At the core of this offering lies our signature items, which stand as truly unique and unparalleled selections.